Our Products

The Avante Collection

Our Avante Collection is at the peak of On-Trend design in our industry. A myriad of straight lines that hint at added depth, through the intricate interplay of light and shadow created on the surface. Available in a range of colours and sizes adding limitless possibilities for our customers in any of their interior design projects.

The Zenit Collection

Our Zenit Matt Lacquered doors are made on the highest-grade fibreboard panels that are then manufactured using the most advanced technological lacquering process. The result is a silk like finish with unbeatable scratch and stain resistance.

The Luxe Collection

The Brilliance and Purity of our Luxe High Gloss range is unparalleled. Our Gloss doors are made on the highest-grade fiberboard panels that are then manufactured using the most advanced technological lacquering process. The result is a superior mirror like finish with unbeatable scratch resistance that makes our product ideal for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and any interior design projects. Our Gloss range is available with matching edge or two tone edge.

The Monte Collection

Our Monte Range is inspired by the natural structure of the elm tree and is characterized by a deeply structured wood grain. We stock an extensive range of contemporary and on-trend colours that are fully antibacterial, stain and scratch resistant.

The Syncron Collection

An explosion of shapes and patterns that brings a unique air of strength and creativity.

Our Structured Syncron range is available in a selection of modern structures applied on finishes that give the surfaces an extraordinary natural look and a highly decorative finish as well superior scratch resistance and durability.

The Bedroom Collection

Across our Luxe, Zenit, Monte and Syncron Collections we can make to order everything you require for Wardrobe doors, inserts for Sliding Robes, Walk-In-Wardrobes, Headboards, Wall Panels, Bedroom Lockers and Dressers. Explore our full range to discover the vast options we have on offer.

The SULiA Handleless Collection

A 22mm Polyurethane Lacquered handleless door polished and finished to the highest standard. The latest technologies and processes in manufacturing these doors ensures a superior gloss finish with advanced resistance to scratches.

Manufacturing Solutions

Be inspired by our full range in order to create elegant and innovative environments filled with intensity, purity, breath and life. All our products have been widely used by manufacturers of bathroom furniture, living room furniture, office desks, commercial fitouts and retail projects such as hair salons, hotel bedrooms, reception desks and wall panelled meeting rooms.